PS3 (FAT) Hard Disk Drive Upgrade

In this video we upgrade the hard drive on a PS3 (FAT) using a Garmin GPS.

Replacing Kohler Canister Flush Valve Seal

In this video we replace the canister flush valve seal on a Kohler.

Replacing Verizon FIOS Backup Battery

In this video we replace a Verizon FIOS (Fiber Optic Service) backup battery.

Cleaning Slow Sink Drain

In this video we clean a slow sink drain using Clorox Liquid-Plumr Double Impact Snake + Gel System.

Sony SXRD Rear Projection TV Flashing (4X) Red LED Fix

In this video we fixed out SXRD TV that had flashing (4X) red LED.

Ebay / Paypal Scam Caught on Tape!

In this video we show how we were the victim of a Ebay / Paypal scam.

Hoover WindTunnel Bagless Vacuum Tune-Up

In this video we replace some parts on a Hoover Vacuum.

Replacing TPMS Sensor on Nissan Quest 2006

In this video we changed an original Nissan TPMS sensor (part # 40700-CK001) using a Schrader sensor part # 20161. To activate the sensor we utilized a GM SPX KENT-MOORE EL-50448 ORANGE ELECTRONIC OEC-T5 TPMS Tool.

Changing Front Disc Brake Pads / Rotor on Nissan Quest 2006

In this video we change the front disc brake pads / rotor on a Nissan Quest 2006.
Torque settings: Sliding pin 55 ft-lb; Torque member bolts 112 ft-lb.

NIssan Altima 2001 Headlight Bulb Replacement (The Easy Way!)

In this video we replace the headlight bulb on a Nissan Altima 2001 (part # 26296-9B903) by removing the windshield washer reservoir.

Nissan Altima Maxima Quest Valve Body/Transmission Permanent Fix

Our Nissan Quest had a bad trasmission valve body (part # 31705-8Y00A). This part is found in Altimas, Maximas and Quests. Look: Valve Body.
Level10 offers a reengineered valve body for a permanent fix!

Installation of Windows 7 Student Edition Using ISO File

Getting error codes: 0x80070241 or 0x80070017? If so try this method when installing Windows 7 Student Edition.

Replacing Power Cord on Air Compressor

In this video we replace a burned power cord from an Ajax air compressor with a new one. We bought the new cord from

Changing Drive Belts on Nissan Quest 2006

In this video we change the drive belts on a Nissan Quest 2006.

Alternator belt tension adjustment: a new alternator belt should deflect 3.7 - 4.1mm (tension check point is between alternator and air conditioner compressor).

Power Steering oil pump belt tension adjustment: a new power steering belt should deflect 6.5 - 7.2mm (tension check point is between power steering oil pump and crankshaft).

Note: when changing the drive belts you do not have to remove any bolt or nut, you only have to loosen them. I removed the power steering oil pump bolt and it was very hard to put it back in!

Exhaust System Repair Estimates on Nissan Altima 2001

In this video we show you two estimates for exhaust system repair on Nissan Altima 2001. THANK YOU TONY'S CUSTOM EXHAUST!!!

Spark Plug Installation on Nissan Altima 2001

In this video we replace Bosch 4 spark plugs with NGK Iridium. Torque: 14 - 22 ft-lb.

Lowe's InSinkErator Evolution SpaceSaver Garbage Disposal Installation

In this video we install a garbage disposal from Lowe's.  The old garbage disposal had a leak which we fixed (see other video) but this time a new profuse leak appeared from bottom of unit requiring replacement. After installation there was a leak.  I had used old hardened plumers putty.  I then bought a new container of the more expensive brand and this fixed the problem.

Changing Air Filter on Nissan Altima 2001

In this video we change the air filter on a Nissan Altima 2001.

Cleaning Mass Air Flow Sensor (MAF) on Nissan Altima 2001

In this video we clean the mass air flow sensor (MAF) on a Nissan Altima 2001.  Check engine light came on and our Actron code scanner revealed P0171. We used CRC Mass Air Flow Sensor Cleaner.

Replacement of Distributor Cap / Rotor /Spark Plug Wires on Nissan Altima 2001

In this video we replace the distributor cap, the distributor rotor and install new set of spark plug wires on a Nissan Altima 2001.

Replacing Rocker Cover Gasket on Nissan Altima 2001

Here we replaced the rocker cover gasket on Nissan Altima 2001.  We used Permatex Ultra Black Silicone Gasket Maker and Beck/Arnley valve cover gasket.

Kenmore Upright Freezer Thermostat Replacement.

In this video we replace the electronic control/thermostat on a Kenmore upright freezer. The model number is 253.26432100. You can find manuals from: Sears.  I bought a remanufactured part from CoreCentric on ebay.

Changing Battery on Simon 3 Alarm System Keyfob

In this video we change the battery on a Simon 3 Alarm System Keyfob.

Nissan Altima 2001 Windshield Washer Nozzle Cleaning

Our Nissan Altima 2001 had a weak windshield washer nozzle stream and here is the video on how we cleaned it.

How to Replace Nissan Quest 2006 Alternator

In this video we replace a Nissan Quest 2006 Alternator.  The symptoms were simultaneous flashing of brake and battery lights.  We took it to Advance Auto Parts and free testing showed bad alternator.

We had trouble removing the 14mm lower alternator nut (Nissan part # 08918-3401A).  We used Irwin Bolt Out product (available at Advance Auto Parts) for easy removal.  To install the lower alternator bolt you can go under car and squeeze you arm in between engine and oxygen sensor but it is an extremely tight fit and start to introduce the bolt and then finish the bolt insertion by tapping from front of vehicle.  Others have used a fishing line to accomplish this:
You can probably try to insert this bolt using very long pliers from front of vehicle and then finishing by tapping bolt (I recommend trying this approach).  Note that lower alternator bolt should go in easily, if not you need to move alternator until all holes are aligned.

Torque settings: lower alternator nut 62 ft-lb; upper alternator bolt 21 ft-lb; idler pulley lock nut 26 ft-lb; after adjusting belt tension and tightening idler pulley lock nut, tighten belt adjusting bolt to 48 in-lb.

Alternator belt tension adjustment: a new alternator belt should deflect 3.7 - 4.1mm (tension check point is between alternator and air conditioner compressor).

This car needs coolant replaced under vacuum to avoid air pockets.  After installing alternator I used the old coolant and then took it to Sears for a coolant exchange.

How to Make Money and Watch Free Movies

In this video we show you how to watch free movies legally and make some money at the same time.

Fixing Leaking Toilet Due to Uneven Tiles

In this video we fixed a leaking toilet due to uneven tiles.

Emergency / Backup Cell Phone in 3 Easy Steps

This video shows how to setup an emergency/backup cell phone by using a pin from American Roaming Network.  As per their website this service works from most unregistered CDMA, TDMA mobile phones.  The pin lasts for one year! Note that you can only make outbound call since inbound calls is not supported.

How I Removed Win 7 Security 2012 Computer Virus

This video show how a malicious computer virus was eliminated using the System Restore option.  The virus did not allow access via the search option on Windows 7.  However we gained access using the Control Panel.

How to Clean and Test EGR Valve on Nissan Altima 2001

This video shows how to clean and test the EGR Valve (Part # 14710-9E001) on a Nissan Altima 2001.  The part # for the gasket is 14719-2B500.  We used carburetor and choke cleaner for this project. Also we applied PB Blaster Penetrating Catalyst to the bolts to make removal easier.

How to Replace Oil Cooler O-Ring on Nissan Quest 2006

In this video we replace the gasket (Part # 21304-JA11A ) for the Oil Cooler on a Nissan Quest 2006 to correct an oil leak.  We used 22mm 12pt deep socket.  With this approach you do not need to remove the tire or drain the coolant and if needed you can also replace the relief valve Part # 15241-43U0A. The torque for the oil cooler bolt is 36 ft-lb and 13 ft-lb for the oil filter.

How To Replace Fuel Filter on Nissan Altima 2001

This video shows the replacement of the fuel filter on Nissan Altima 2001.

Fixing Hole on Garbage Disposal

This hole on the garbage disposal was fixed using PC-Plumbing Putty Epoxy.

Replacing Garbage Disposal Switch

This is a video on replacing the switch for a garbage disposal.

Changing Key Fob / Remote Battery for Nissan Quest 2006

In this video you can see how to change the battery for the Key Fob on a Nissan Quest 2006.  Also this particular remote had a short and when you pressed the lock or unlock button it was equivalent to pressing both at the same time.  This was causing trouble since pressing both at the same time activates or deactivates the horn chip.  I just had to scrape dirt that was causing short between these two buttons (see video).
You can get more programming details here: Reprogramming Procedure

Changing Filter on Aprilaire Humidifier

This video shows how to change the filter from Aprilaire model 560 humidifier. Here is the owners manual.

Replacing Nissan Headlight Bulb on Altima 2001

This video shows how to change the headlight bulb on a Nissan Altima 2001.

PCV Valve Replacement on Nissan Altima 2001

This is a video on the replacement of the Positive Crankcase Ventilation (PCV) Valve on Nissan Altima 2001 (Part # 11810-6P000). Note this valve is push in type for years1998-2001. Using this method you DO NOT have to get under the car, move the Power Steering Pump or remove the breather separator.  To get access to the PCV Valve the Engine Coolant Temperature Sensor (ECTS) was removed (using 19mm 12pt deep socket).  Note that some 19mm deep sockets wont work.  I had to return one to Advance Auto Parts since the opening diameter on the inside only extended a small distance before narrowing but the Craftsman from Sears worked since the opening diameter continued deep into the socket not obstructing the plastic part of the ECTS. We opened air relief hole when refilling coolant (less than 1 gallon was needed) and then when coolant started to spill, we then put back the air releif plug (torque of 61-69 in-lb). 

*** FYI: Some people have broken the rubber hose (Part # 11826-9E000) while trying this.  Someone did manage to replace both the PCV valve and the hose but it was extremely difficult.  ***

2001 Nissan Altima Main & Third Brake Light Bulbs Replacements

This is a video on replacing the brake light bulbs on a Nissan Altima 2001.

2001 Nissan Altima Blower Motor Resistor Replacement

Nissan Part Number for blower motor resistor: 27150-5B600
In this case the lowest setting did not work but in other cases fan speed control only works on high.

2001 Nissan Altima Alternator Replacement

Video on alternator replacement (Nissan Part # 23100-0Z400) on 2001 Nissan Altima (2.4L Engine).
Helpful links:
1) Autozone (general installation instructions)
2) Diagram (different vehicle but explains how adjusting bolts are used to accommodate the belt and lock nut and lock bolt are used to secure it in place). 
Torque settings:
Lock bolt on alternator: 12-14 ft-lb
Lock nut on idler pulley: 24-28 ft-lb
Alternator bolts: 11.6-15.2 ft-lb

Deflection adjustment of belts at tension checking points (see diagram on video):
Alternator: new belt: 5.5 - 6 mm; used belt: 6 - 6.5 mm
Air conditioner compressor: new belt: 6 - 6.5 mm; used belt: 6.5 - 7 mm

Nissan Part # for belts: 11720-9E001 (alternator) and 11920-9E005 (air conditioning compressor)

2001 Nissan Altima Lifetime Seat Belt Warranty

This 2001 Nissan had a sluggish seat belt and missing seat belt button (Nissan Part # 87832-4P000). Nissan honered lifetime seat belt warranty and provided new 2010 rental car. Here you can find Nissan technical bulletin regarding this: NTB99-022c

2006 Nissan Quest Sun Visor Repair.

This is a video on how to repair Nissan Quest SunVisor (Nissan Part #96400-5Z30A for right hand and this trim color). I bought the brackets at Advance Auto Parts. These are hose clamps by Ideal model 5203v with clamping range of 5/16 inches to 7/8 inches. If you find smaller ones it might be easier.

Mt. Rainier Playground Playset Installation

This is a video on the assembly of Mt. Rainier swing set by Adventure Playsets.

How to Replace Buzzer from 2006 Nissan Quest

Here is a video on how to replace the back up buzzer (speaker) [Nissan Part # 25640-7S200] from 2006 Nissan Quest. Note, on the car the white/green cable is positive and the red cable is negative.

In this video an 8 ohm speaker from RadioShack was used.   I have a few brand new original speakers with the correct specs for sale (so perfect fit with no need for modifications).  I only have the speaker so you will have to reuse the plastic casing from the speaker to be replaced.